33rd Annual Meeting (2018)

Reflections on NAHDO's 33rd Annual Meeting: Health Care Data Summit 2018, October 2018


Note: The meeting was dedicated to the memory of Linda Bartnyska, a member of our national network who passed away in 2018 and who will be deeply missed. 


Health Care Data Initiatives 2.0---What is Working, What Needs to Change

 Welcome and Introduction- Denise Love, NAHDO Executive Director

Video Remarks AHRQ- Gopal Khanna, Director, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Concurrent Session: Analytic Tools and Methods

First, Do No Harm: Calculating Health Care Waste in Washington State (Susie Dade , Deputy Director, WA Health Alliance 

Compensating for Missing ERISA information in calculating Private Market Per Capita Costs.(Kenneth Yeates-Trotman, MHCC)

Using All Payer Claims Databases to Evaluate Health Care Cost and Quality Variation in Four States (Maria de Jesus Diaz-Perez, CIVHC and Brantley Scott-UT OHCS)

Concurrent Session: Policy

How Can All Payer Claims Databases Support Insurance Regulation? (Kevin McAvey- Manatt)

 Using APCD to evaluate coverage expansion under ACA (Sarah Gordon, Brown University)

 Lessons from Collecting Two Cycles of Alternative Payment Methodology Data in Oregon’s All Payer Claims Database (Stacey Schubert, Or Health Authority)

Utah Data Showcase

Utah Population Database (Jahn Barlow, University of Utah)

Utah’s APCD as a Standalone Opioid Monitoring Tool (Sterling Petersen, UT OHCS)

Effective Partnerships Sharon Donnelly- Health Insight, Norm Thurston UT DOH

Pharmacy Data: Actionable data for Policy

Overview of the MedInsight tool

Overview of Legislative Activities-, Norm Thurston UT DOH

State Activities

 §  NH- Maureen Mustard

§  ME- Karynlee Harrington

§  CA- Starla Ledbetter

Concurrent Session: Claims Data for Population Health

Value of a MPI for Population Health Impact Projects (Theresa Mendoza, DFWHC Foundation)

 The road to transparency: Creating comprehensive, public-facing reports on cost, utilization, condition prevalence and quality of care from the Colorado APCD. (Cristian Ilie, NORC; Katie Howard, HSRI)

 Measuring potentially avoidable utilization using all payer hospital data to reduce cost and improve quality in Maryland (Laura Mandel, Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission, Sule Calikoglu Gerovich,  Mathematica Policy Research)

Patterns of Opioid Prescribing in Minnesota (Stefan Gildemister MN DOH)  

Concurrent Session: Transparency/Public Reporting 

Threading the Needle: Using Expert Determination to Enhance New Hampshire’s Comprehensive Health Care Information System Public Use Data Sets (Andrea Clark, BerryDunn)
A State-Specific Model for Advancing Healthcare Price and Quality Transparency among Consumers (Ray Agostinelli , FAIR Health)
Delivering a Public Website to Inform Understanding of Healthcare Delivery Using APCD Data (Thea Mounts, Washington)
Reporting Facility Cost & Quality Information Publicly (Maria de Jesus Diaz-Perez, CIVHC)

Concurrent Session: Linkage and Data Enhancement

Development of the Data Warehouse Enrichment Database: Ensuring Data Integrity and Quality for All-Payer Claims Databases (Leanne Candura, Ioana Crisan, HSRI)

 Challenges and Lessons Learned from Leveraging Multiple Claims- and Encounter-Level Databases to Discover Insights into Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Intervention (Sam Hohmann, Vizient Inc.)

 Claims Data for Population Health, Linkage and Data Enhancement (Kenley Money, Arkansas Center for Health Improvement)

 Creating a Longitudinal Health Facilities Database (Sterling Petersen)

Concurrent Session: Price and Quality Transparency

 Untangling g Cost Drivers – Comparing Prices and Resource Use Across Regions 

Data Quality Improvement Workshop


 Improving Transparency in the Collection and Validation of Healthcare Claims Data   Leanne Candura, MPH, HSRI

Workshop summary and recommendations 

Congratulations to the recipient of this year’s awards