Strategic Partnerships

NAHDO believes in the power of corporate partnerships and collaborative efforts. Strategic partnerships advance NAHDO's mission and priorities, and are essential for the health data organizations that need data tools and services to be responsive to their key stakeholders. Our strategic partners receive the highest levels of benefits in the following categories:

  • Financial Benefits and Priorities
  • Marketing and Visibility
  • Thought Leadership and Opportunities to Speak
  • Connections and Networking
  • Direct Support and Access to Consulting 

Strategic partners receive:

NAHDO welcomes the opportunity to discuss what will work best for your organization. Please email us at for more information about becoming a Strategic Partner. 

Membership/Partnership Tiers

  • Tier 1: Sustaining Membership: $3,500 (public sector) or $4,000 (private sector)
  • Tier 2: Contributing Partnership: $5,000 
  • Tier 3: Featured Partnership: $8,000
  • Tier 4: Collaborating Partnership: $12,500

Membership/Sponsorship Application

NAHDO Strategic Partnership Benefits

NAHDO Membership Benefits

? - Benefits for all NAHDO members, including strategic partners Contributing Partner Featured Partner Collaborating Partner

Education and Technical Assistance

  Receive technical assistance for data collection, analysis and use from NAHDO and other experts ? ? ?
  Receive frontline information on national and local health policies and practices ? ? ?
  Learn about innovative health data reporting practices ? ? ?
  Participate in quality educational events ? ? ?
  Access to NAHDO's library of state data agency profiles, white papers, and tool kits and guides ? ? ?
  Subscription to NAHDO e-newsletters ? ? ?
  APCD-CDL™ support and contribution ? ? ?
  Eligible to be a voting participant on APCD-CDL™ Maintenance and Change Committee ? ? ?

Networking & Professional Visibility

  Inclusion on NAHDO website list of members ? ? ?
  Become part of a national network of health data experts ? ? ?
  Eligible to serve on board of directors ? ? ?
  Participate in NAHDO committees and role-based working groups (APCD CEO Roundtable, Data Quality Forum, etc.) ? ? ?
  Opportunities to assist in the development and presentation of national testimony and comments ? ? ?
  Participate as presenter in NAHDO-sponsored events ? ? ?
  Access to job postings ? ? ?


  Support as you advocate for improved health data policies at the state and national levels ? ? ?
  Participate in developing joint responses to federal proposals affecting state and private data systems ? ? ?
  Provide input into national standards: NUBC, NUCC, ASC X12N ? ? ?
  Opportunity to represent NAHDO on expert panels, task forces, and local testimony ? ? ?

Guiding Innovations in Health Data

  Learn about innovations and technologies ? ? ?
  Participate in collaborative environments ? ? ?
? - Benefit included in sponsorship packages Contributing Partner Featured Partner Collaborating Partner

Sponsorship Packages

  Level of sponsorship package included in partnership   Gigabyte Event Sponsor
$5,000 value
Terabyte Event Sponsor
$7,500 value
  Complimentary registrations for an in-person event or virtual conference - mix and match 1️⃣
Virtual only
  Discounted registrations for an in-person event or virtual conference - pay the member registration rate


  Priority choice of premium sponsorships     ?
  Access to attendee email lists pre/post NAHDO Events     ?
  Table drop at in-person event - Your promotional material delivered by NAHDO to all attendees     ?
  Virtual table drop during virtual conference - NAHDO emails out your document or publication to all registered participants     ?
  Eligible for premium sponsorships   ? ?
  Recognition as a NAHDO Event Sponsor from the podium during in-person meetings   ? ?
  Recognition as a NAHDO Event Sponsor at the beginning of daily plenaries for virtual events (Name and logo on screen)   ? ?
  Inclusion in Bingo or Scavenger Hunt style promotions at in-person event and virtual conference   ? ?
  Moderate a virtual conference session   ? ?
  Lead a discussion session at in-person event   ? ?
  Recognition as a NAHDO Event Sponsor on conference and event websites   ? ?
  Name and logo on signage at in-person meetings   ? ?
  Recognition on Agenda-at-a-Glance (in-person event and virtual conference)


Name & Logo
  Access to virtual exhibit hall at virtual conference   ? ?
  Credit toward selection of à la carte sponsorship items   ?

À la Carte Sponsorship Opportunities


Premium Sponsorship Opportunities
Reserved for Terabyte or Petabyte Sponsors and Featured or Collaborating Partners

General Sponsorship Opportunities
  • $2,500 Elliot M. Stone Award Sponsor 
  • $2,000 Innovation in Data Dissemination Award Sponsor
  • $1,500 NAHDO Rising Star Award Sponsor
  • $1,500 NAHDO Data Pioneer Award Sponsor
  • $1,500 Sponsor a virtual conference Daily Opening Plenary Session*
  • $1,000 Sponsor a networking lunch at in-person event
  • $1,000 Wi-fi sponsor for in-person event (plus cost)
  • $1,000 Portal sponsor for virtual conference (non-exclusive)
  • $1,000 Host an after-hours in-person event that is included in official agenda - event is at your expense
  • $1,000 Sponsor a virtual conference Plenary Session*
  • $500 Sponsor a virtual conference Concurrent Session*
  • $500 Sponsor a networking breakfast or break at in-person event
  • $500 Charging station sponsor at in-person event (plus cost)
  • $500 Supply your branded hand-out item at an in-person event (tote bag, lanyard, etc.)
  • $500 Sponsor an in-person concurrent networking session*
  • $500 Table drop at in-person event - Your promotional material delivered by NAHDO to all attendees
  • $500 Virtual table drop during virtual conference - NAHDO emails out your document or publication to all registered participants
  • TBD Other technology or feature sponsorship
  * Includes recognition by the session host or opportunity to present a 3-minute introduction

Exclusive Added-Value Benefits for Strategic Partners

? - Added value for strategic partners Contributing Partner Featured Partner Collaborating Partner


  Display company logo, description, and web link on,, and ? ? ?
  Recognition as a NAHDO Strategic Partner in NAHDO's e-newsletter ? ? ?
  Recognition as a NAHDO Strategic Partner at in-person and virtual events (during welcome) ? ? ?

Enhanced Networking and Visibility

  Access to NAHDO's membership email list     ?
  Participate in listening sessions to understand needs and pain points of NAHDO members     ?
  Sponsor and introduce one NAHDO or APCD Council webinar per year     ?
  Complimentary use of meeting space at in-person events (subject to availability)   ? ?
  Receive personal notification of RFPs for state data systems   ? ?
  Receive personal introductions to at least five NAHDO members during in-person meetings or by phone/e-mail at other times ? ? ?

Opportunities for Thought Leadership

  Presentation of your product, services, or work at a NAHDO co-sponsored webinar     ?
  Help plan a NAHDO Hot Topics webinar (identify the topic, possible speakers, etc.)     ?
  Curate a NAHDO virtual conference session   ? ?
  Help plan and organize a NAHDO in-person networking session   ? ?

Custom Benefits to Support Common Interests with NAHDO Priorities

  NAHDO-produced white paper     ?
  Access NAHDO consulting resources to inform potential solutions or understanding of topics of interest to you   ? ?
  Discuss your organization’s priorities with NAHDO Executive Director and Director of Projects   ? ?
  Explore a critical or emerging issue with NAHDO staff ? ? ?