Elliot M. Stone Award of Excellence in Health Data Leadership

Elliot M. StoneSince 1990, NAHDO has presented the NAHDO Award of Excellence in Health Data Leadership to one or more individuals who represent the highest ideals in data collection, analysis, or outcomes measurement and whose creative efforts have made outstanding contributions to improvements in the collection, application, and/or dissemination of health data. Until his passing in 2005, Elliot Stone helped NAHDO select awardees who made significant contributions to the health information field and who exhibited characteristics of quality, excellence, and passion in their work---characteristics that Elliot himself embodied.

In 2005, following Elliot Stone’s untimely passing, the NAHDO Board renamed its annual award, the “Elliot Stone Award of Excellence in Health Data Leadership”, in honor of Elliot and in acknowledgement of his generosity, care, and diligence to the field and to his colleagues. Elliot set the highest standards for his own performance and for others to follow. At NAHDO’s 20th Anniversary Meeting in Washington, D.C., the first Elliot Stone Award of Excellence was presented posthumously by NAHDO to Elliot’s wife and sons. It is NAHDO's pleasure to present the 2020 Elliot M. Stone Award of Excellence in Health Data Leadership to Suanne Singer and Al Prysunka. They are being recognized not only for their individual contributions but also for the combined efforts and dedication to the belief that access to healthcare data is essential to make progress toward a more affordable health care system with better outcomes and improved access to care.

2020 Recipients

Suanne Singer

Suanne Singer

Al Prysunka with the Award

Al Prysunka

Suanne Singer, the former president of Onpoint Health Data (previously the Maine Health Information Center), and Al Prysunka, the former Executive Director of the Maine Health Data Organization (and more recently a consultant with Milliman), led the construction of the nation’s first APCD, nearly 20 years ago for the State of Maine. Together Suanne and Al identified the challenges associated with the collection and processing of claims data and collaborated with stakeholders to find common ground.  They worked tirelessly to overcome the political and technical impediments. Suanne and Al set the framework for both what to collect in an APCD and how to build one.   

Suanne spent more than 35 years developing innovative solutions across the array of healthcare data systems, including software development, data collection, validation, linkage, master patient and provider indices, reporting, analysis, privacy, and security, including focused work on claims adjudication and integration with hospital discharge data. Ms. Singer’s work, long recognized for its insight and creativity, is matched by the respect she garnered from her team, colleagues, and clients.

Al Prysunka spent over 23 years promoting the value of States investing in systems to collect, validate and release healthcare data including hospital encounter data; claims data; hospital financial and healthcare quality data.  Al was instrumental in the development of the APCD Common Data Layout; the NCPDP standard for reporting paid pharmacy claims data to state agencies; and he was a champion of the State Agency agreement with Medicare for state agencies to receive Medicare data.  Al is recognized by his peers as being tenacious, detailed orientated and a subject matter expert in data collection and standards. 

Past recipients

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2015 - No Award

2016 - Anne Elixhauser, PhD

2017 - Mark McClellan, MD PhD

2018 - Denise Love, BSN, MBA

2019 - Joe Thompson, MD, MPH

2020 - Suanne Singer and Al Prysunka