Membership Benefits

Why Join NAHDO as a Sustaining Member?

Membership funds help support NAHDO’s core mission to promote the collection, analysis and dissemination of health data

When you join as a NAHDO member, your organization becomes part of the only national association dedicated to improving the collection and use of health care data for market, policy, and research uses.  NAHDO members have access to a national network of health care data experts and leaders in the collection and use of health care data. Membership funds help support our core mission to promote the collection, analysis and dissemination of health data.

If you are interested in being even more involved, please consider upgrading to a strategic partnership. In addition to receiving all of the benefits of membership, strategic partners receive event sponsor benefits and exclusive added value benefits.

Membership Tiers

  • Tier 1: Sustaining Membership: $3,500 (public sector) or $4,000 (private sector)
  • Tier 2: Contributing Partnership: $5,000 
  • Tier 3: Featured Partnership: $8,000
  • Tier 4: Collaborating Partnership: $12,500

Membership/Sponsorship Application

Sustaining Member Benefits

Education and Technical Assistance

  Receive technical assistance for data collection, analysis and use from NAHDO and other experts
  Receive frontline information on national and local health policies and practices
  Learn about innovative health data reporting practices
  Participate in quality educational events
  Access to NAHDO's library of state data agency profiles, white papers, and tool kits and guides
  Subscription to NAHDO e-newsletters
  APCD-CDL™ support and contribution
  Eligible to be a voting participant on APCD-CDL™ Maintenance and Change Committee

Networking & Professional Visibility

  Inclusion on NAHDO website list of members
  Become part of a national network of health data experts
  Eligible to serve on board of directors
  Participate in NAHDO committees and role-based working groups (APCD CEO Roundtable, Data Quality Forum, etc.)
  Opportunities to assist in the development and presentation of national testimony and comments
  Participate as presenter in NAHDO-sponsored events
  Access to job postings


  Support as you advocate for improved health data policies at the state and national levels
  Participate in developing joint responses to federal proposals affecting state and private data systems
  Provide input into national standards: NUBC, NUCC, ASC X12N
  Opportunity to represent NAHDO on expert panels, task forces, and local testimony

Guiding Innovations in Health Data

  Learn about innovations and technologies
  Participate in collaborative environments