Data Layouts

Non-Claims Payment Data Layout

The files in the NCP Data Layout™ can be used to collect non-claims payment (NCP) data not captured by using the APCD Common Data Layout (APCD-CDL™). This layout aims to harmonize NCP data collection efforts across states and reduce the burden of data submission. The overall goals of this effort are to improve efficiency, reduce administrative costs, and improve accuracy in healthcare payment data.

The NCP Data Layout contains individual data elements, data types, field lengths, and field description/code assignments for collecting non-claims payment data from healthcare payers and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

  • Annual Payments: This file accommodates data on contractually based non-claims payments made by a payer to a provider.
  • Prescription Drug Rebates: This file layout accommodates data on prescription drug rebate payments made by pharmaceutical manufacturers to a payer or fully integrated delivery system.
  • Capitation Payments: This file layout accommodates data on payments made by a payer to a provider for member-attributable services under a capitation arrangement.
  • Files from the APCD-CDL:
    • Header/Trailer Records
    • Eligibility

APCD Common Data Layout (APCD-CDL™)

You can find the APCD-CDL and more information on the APCD Council website.