Source of Payment Typology

The Source of Payment Typology is a payer-type standard that provides a mechanism for consistent reporting of payer data to public health agencies for healthcare services and research. The Source of Payment Typology also provides a standard for use by those collecting data or analyzing health care information. It was created by the former PHDSC Payer Typology Subcommittee and is now hosted by the National Association of Health Data Organizations (NAHDO). NAHDO coordinates the distribution, annual review, and update of the typology.

The audience for Source of Payment Typology includes researchers, public health advocates, and healthcare analysts.

CDC SOPT references can be found on PHIN VADS.

We Want Your Feedback on the Source of Payment Typology

The Payer Typology Committee holds an annual meeting for coordination and maintenance of the Source of Payment Typology. This is an opportunity for interested parties to request changes or additions to the Source of Payment Typology.

Please submit suggested modifications and comments to and

SoPT Coordination and Maintenance Committee

Please contact for meeting information.