NAHDO Membership - Overview

Unique Perspective

NAHDO is the only organization of its kind bringing together members of the public and private sectors of the health information industry to foster cooperation for the development of effective mechanisms to address complex health care issues. NAHDO is a member-driven organization that relies on financial support from partners and sponsors at various levels. We are very appreciative of this support and thank you for your interest. NAHDO serves the interests of health data organizations, academic institutions, policy makers, healthcare systems, payers, and many others that have a common interest in the availability of high quality and timely health data to inform questions of cost, quality, and access to care.

The APCD Council is a program of NAHDO in partnership with the University of New Hampshire’s Institute for Health Policy and Practice that convenes an expanding group of government, private, nonprofit, and academic organizations interested in the development and deployment of state or regional APCDs. Membership and partnership revenue also supports the APCD Council. 

Types of Members

NAHDO welcomes various classes of organizations as Sustaining Members:

  • Public Members - Public members include state agencies and other health data organizations created by legislative or other governmental act that collect and analyze health care data on a statewide or other jurisdictional basis and federal agencies.
  • Health Care Associations - Association members consist of any health care provider, provider association (physician or hospital, etc.) whose primary business is the delivery of health care services to patients or whose association is to represent a group of providers that deliver health care services, and/or organizations which collect/analyze and distribute health care data with primary focus on providers of health care, who are not otherwise eligible for Public membership.
  • Corporate/Vendor - Corporate and Vendor members consist of any organization which  sells health care data-related products and services.
  • General - General members include but are not limited to any employer or labor organization; group of employers or labor organizations; or a business or labor coalition of employers/employees; academic; research organizations; purchasers; consumer groups; health information exchanges; health benefits exchanges; chartered value exchanges; or other interested organizations that are not otherwise eligible as Public, Health Care Associations, or Corporate/Vendor members.

Strategic Partnerships

NAHDO believes in the power of partnerships and collaborative efforts. Along with sustaining membership, strategic partnerships advance NAHDO's mission and priorities, and are essential for health data organizations that need data tools and services to be responsive to their key stakeholders.

NAHDO welcomes the opportunity to discuss what will work best for your organization. Please email us at for more information about becoming a NAHDO Strategic Partner.

Membership Tiers

  • Tier 1: Sustaining Membership: $3,500 (public sector) or $4,000 (private sector)
  • Tier 2: Contributing Partnership: $5,000 
  • Tier 3: Featured Partnership: $8,000
  • Tier 4: Collaborating Partnership: $12,500

Membership Application

Payment to NAHDO

Due to the increasing costs of credit card processing, NAHDO prefers all dues payments to be made by EFT or check. We are happy to prepare an invoice with payment instructions and send to you. Please request this information by contacting

Credit Card Payment

If your organization can only pay by credit card, NAHDO has also partnered with PayPal to allow online payment.

Type of Payment
Invoice Number (if applicable)