Elliot M. Stone Award 2023

2023 Recipient - Karynlee Harrington 



Karynlee Harrington receiving an award from NAHDO Board


Janice Bourgault, Angela Taylor, Kenley Money, Karynlee Harrington, Norm Thurston, Kevin McAvey


Karynlee Harrington is the Executive Director of the Maine Health Data Organization and the Maine Quality Forum. Karynlee served for many years on the NAHDO Board, including as chair from June 2019 until December 2022. Under Karynlee’s leadership, the MHDO has become the primary source of reliable healthcare information for use within the State of Maine and by external researchers. The MHDO’s wealth of information is being used more than ever to inform health care policy throughout Maine. Karynlee has created a culture where stakeholder data needs are met through continuous improvement, ongoing engagement, and flexibility. During her time, MHDO has supported legislation including transparency of health care costs and quality, surprise billing, worker's compensation, MaineCare rate setting, opioid analyses, insulin costs, primary care and behavioral health care spending in Maine, ambulance costs, prescription drug costs, right to shop, Maine’s reinsurance program, and the Office of Affordable HealthCare.

As board chair, Karynlee led the NAHDO Transformation efforts that have put the association on a trajectory for success and a sustainable path forward.