Patients, care providers, payers, and policymakers all seek to make evidence-based, data-driven health care decisions. While various state agencies release health care claims data for research and analysis, a strong argument can be made for making valuable state health-related data available for broader use. This issue brief from the California Health Care Foundation highlights federal and state efforts to "free the data" and outlines how California would benefit. Among the highlights of how…
The National Association of Health Data Organizations (NAHDO) in collaboration with its State Data Release Guidelines Workgroup produced this Guidance Document on Creating and Releasing Hospital and Facility Discharge Data Public Use Files to guide Health Data Organizations  and others who are seeking guidance on best practices for disseminating hospital discharge data files and the privacy parameters for such releases. Specifically this guidance document aims to promote the release of…
Public Health Data Dissemination Guidelines: NAHDO Working Technical Paper SeriesJuly 2005Funded by the Centers for Disease Control Assessment InitiativeEdited By: Gulzar H. Shah, MStat, MSS, Ph.D.
Because of health care cost and quality implications, hospital readmissions are increasingly a matter of concern for policymakers, purchasers, and patients. As state and federal budget deficits grow, policy makers are exploring payment reform options to reduce these deficits. Payment changes in Medicare and Medicaid are fast-tracking the measurement and scrutiny of hospital readmissions, though the  issue is an all-payer one. Solutions must include health systems and communities working…
Executive Office of the PresidentPresident’s Council of Advisors on Science and TechnologyDecember 2010
NAHDO Summary of Findings and Proposed Next StepsPrepared for the CDC Environment Public Health Tracking ProgramBy The National Association of Health Data OrganizationsSeptember 2009
Prepared by the National Association of Health Data Organizations for theCenter for Mississippi Health PolicyNovember 2007
NAHDO-CDC Cooperative Agreement ProjectCDC Assessment InitiativeBy: Barbara Rudolph, PhD; Robert Davis, MSFunded By The CDC
NAHDO-CDC Cooperative Agreement Project CDC Assessment Initiative December 2004 Link to article.
NAHDO-CDC Cooperative Agreement ProjectCDC Assessment InitiativePrepared by: Walter G. Suarez, MD, MPHMidwest Center for HIPAA EducationOctober, 2004