NAHDO 2020 Slides, Day 2

August 18, 2020 

Panel Discussion: Late Breaking News: Impacts of COVID-19 on Health Data Organizations, Organizer: Sule Gerovich, Mathematica, & Pat Merryweather-Arges, Project Patient Care, Sponsored by Onpoint Health Data

Improving Data Quality: Use Cases, Organizer: Jo Porter, UNH

Using Data to Contain Costs: Promoting Value-Based Care and Payment, Organizer: Brantley Scott, Utah OHCS, Sponsored by Comagine Health

Bridging Data and Policy: Utilizing Data as a Tool for Driving Policy Change (Joint with NASHP), Organizer: Norm Thurston, NAHDO, Sponsored by Freedman Healthcare

Building a Broader Vision of Healthcare Data: FHIR Interoperability Standards, Organizer: Charles Hawley, NAHDO, Moderator: Sterling Petersen, Utah OHCS

Improving and Expanding Analytics: New Uses for Claims Data, Organizer: Kathy Hines, CHIA, Moderator: Deborah Gray, CHIA