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Milliman MedInsight® offers one of the industry's most adopted portfolios of solutions and services for data warehousing and healthcare analytics. Based in Seattle, Washington, the Milliman MedInsight practice assists state government All-Payer Claims Databases and community coalitions by providing implementation services, data integration, data management, and a unique technological platform to support data sharing and analytic reporting. Currently, Milliman counts four state APCDs and four regional/community coalitions as MedInsight clients, making MedInsight one of the more experienced vendors in this unique market.

Milliman’s services help engage all stakeholders through portals and data sharing to better understand the drivers behind cost and quality of care. Milliman has been providing this range of services and solutions for over 10 years and has gained a deep understanding of and skill set for these unique organizations. In addition, Milliman has considerable experience meeting specific healthcare analytic needs of other organizations, such as health plans, third-party administrators, pharmacy benefits managers, employer and purchasing coalition groups, accountable care organizations, patient centered medical homes, state government insurance departments, and state Medicaid programs.

1301 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3800
Seattle, WA 98101

Adam Wallace, MedInsight Consultant / 801) 277 3054
Al Prysunka, Director of APCD products / 207) 213 4668


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