Comprehensive Health Planner II - Maine

The MHDO is required by Statute to create and maintain a comprehensive health care data base and to make the data available to the broadest extent possible while protecting individual confidentiality. This position is responsible for managing the overall requirements defined in 90-590 chapters 243, 247, 570 and 730, which includes MHDO’s health care data streams for the all-payer claims data, non-claims-based payments and other supplemental health care data, prescription drug pricing component data and cancer registry and vital statistics data. This position will also support the administrative and technical aspects of the rule making process at it relates to these data streams; and prepare the agency’s annual assessment calculations. This position will work closely with MHDO’s executive director and assist with projects as needed, finance director, and data vendor, as well as over 800 individual data submitters, which include health insurance companies, pharmaceutical manufactures, wholesale distributors and pharmacy benefit managers.

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