2023 Rising Star Awardee

2023 Awardees

Megan Denham receiving an award from Tanya Bernstein

Tanya Bernstein presenting the award to Megan Denham

Megan Denham As the Georgia APCD (GAPCD) Implementation Project Director, Megan has been one of the historic foundational players involved with planning and implementing the GAPCD. Through her leadership, she has continuously ensured that the GAPCD will be a robust platform to enhance healthcare transparency, care quality, and resource utilization within GA that can be readily understood by various GA stakeholder groups. Meagan’s purposeful collaboration has brought amazing perspectives to the GAPCD project from all areas of the Georgia healthcare ecosystem, as well as from outside of the state. Within Georgia, Megan has engaged with insurance payers, consumers, advocacy groups, provider organizations, and governmental entities. This has brought rich insights that have helped to shape the implementation path of the GAPCD. From outside of Georgia, Megan has engaged with multiple leaders within NAHDO, as well as other state APCD organizations. In fact, Megan was invited to join the data request review committee in Colorado. If that doesn’t showcase how quickly Megan has become integrated into the APCD ecosystem, nothing will. Overall, Megan’s relentless focus on collaboration has the GAPCD positioned to have a significant impact on the state of Georgia.